Stuffed White Cabbage Leaves a.k.a Lahanodolmades

  Print How does a mother lure her family all together? The answer is simple, she makes great tasting Greek comfort food! Lahanodolmades, pronounced (LA-ha-no-dol-ma-thes) a.k.a Stuffed White Cabbage Rolls is one such food and not to mention it’s a great make-ahead dish. Lahano means cabbage, Dolma originates from the word Dolmak, which means to

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Spanakopita/ Spinach Pie

  Print Spanakaopita/Spinach Pie Cookbooks are not only a place to save recipes but they are a place to store memories and that’s what Krystina’s Kalpothakos Cookbook, Back To My Roots, is all about.  Aside from her fabulous recipes, she also writes about her beautiful hometown, Mani, Greece.  Each recipe contains a special story from

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