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Hey there!


Live Skype Lessons Cook with me! Cooking can be frustrating and overwhelming, I get it we’ve all been there BUT no worries that’s what I’m here for.  

Who am I?

Welcome to Momzcuizine. I’m Maggie – your Live Skype Cooking Assistant. I have come to realize that my many years of experience and knowledge in the culinary world is an invaluable resource that many people need.I will walk you through any recipe you need to prepare. My lessons are not timed I will be there until you have fully understood and you have asked every question you need to be answered. I  provide you with one- on- one cooking,  live skype lessons from the comfort of your own home. Come Cook With Me!  Get your FREE consultation today!

My Expertise

Am I a chef? I could be but I’m not.  What I do have is: 20+ years experience in the food business combined with my Greek culture, makes me expert enough to provide some great tasting dishes not only for my family but for yours as well. I have cooked for many parties and mentored many people to become great home cooks for their families. Being from Greece gives me an extra edge cooking with organic food and also providing you with an authentic taste of a Greek Recipe.  and techniques

How can I help you?

Once we have scheduled you for the live skype cooking lesson. I will teach you from the simplest cooking to the most complex meal, I’m only a click away. Skype connects people and cultures all around the world. I am here to help you ease your way around the kitchen and guide you in cooking. My expertise didn’t come to me overnight, many years of cooking in the family business and of course plenty of trial and error.  Pour yourself a glass of wine and skype me for a live lesson on traditional Greek cooking or even basic cooking skills. Each lesson is custom made to fit your needs. With a live cooking lesson, we are able to have Q & A’s and I am able to offer you a cultural insight about the recipe. When you have completed the cooking lesson you will feel like you have visited Greece.

So, what problem are we solving? Knowing what goes into your body!

So, you get out fo work tired, thirsty and hungry. So you go to your nearest fast food chain store to buy a quick meal and some pounds 😉 Nevertheless, you wait at least 1/2 hour if not more. Most of the time the meal isn’t even fulfilling. Now you have eaten unhealthy and gained a few.  What if the minute you get home you are able to have a delicious meal in the same amount of time you spent waiting at the fast food chain store.  Food brings everyone together especially family. Wouldn’t be great if your whole family could sit around the dinner table and enjoy a homemade meal.  Let me show you how simple it really is to whisk up a scrumptious meal at home. Food for me means creating memories with family and friends and also connecting people on a different level.

Why am I unique?

Having worked in the busiest city in the world,  New York City and serving a demanding crowd of people combined with my Greek culture and knowledge of local Food. I provide techniques not found in tutorials and I enrich your food skills and I make sure you’re confident enough to cook on your own.

Each person is different so I custom make the lessons according to your needs right from the comfort of your own home. We take it step by step. Before we even get cooking we have an initial introduction and we create a plan of action from shopping, how to shop, how to recognize fresh from expired and later comes the cooking.

Package #1 Your customized cooking lesson includes:

  • 1 basic main dish plus 2 sides OR 1 complex main dish OR 1 dessert Printable card you can refer to during and after the lesson.
  • Shopping list based on the dish(es) being prepared.
  • One- on- one live Skype or Facebook cooking lessons in your own kitchen.
  • Help organizing your kitchen & Mise Place prior to cooking meal preparation tips.
  • Step – by – step coaching throughout the entire process.
  • Up to 4 follow-ups – twice a week for two weeks to ensure you are still confident with your new skills.
  • Membership to my private Facebook group.
  • Most importantly, there’s no time limit to the cooking lesson, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • You will walk away with many tips and tricks that you can use after our lesson is over.
  • The best part is that you will feel accomplished in the kitchen and confident enough to keep cooking.
  • Once you gain some knowledge and develop some skills, your kitchen can become the most fun room in your home.
  • The consultation is always FREE! During this 15-minute Skype session, I will ask you questions to better understand what concerns you have in the kitchen and what you would like to learn to cook.
  • You get all this for only $200!

How do I book a class?

Contact me using the form below to schedule your FREE cooking consultation.

Package #2 If  Skype is not your thing and it makes you uncomfortable then send me your recipe and for $80 I will record a personalized how-to video just for you. Package includes recorded video, a written copy of the recipe with photos, and tips.



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7 thoughts on “Live Skype Lessons Cook with me!

  1. After many yrs of not being able to master a specific Greek dish, “Giouvetsi”, I decided to give Skype cooking lessons a try. Glad I did! Magdaline guided me step by step, and told me the secret tips that I was missing. It was a great and fun experience! Thank you, Magdaline!

  2. Magdaline was very helpful and patient. I actually had a great time making her great melomakarona cookies for the first time! Can make them on my own now!! Thank you for all your help!!

  3. I had to prepare a dinner including desert for a special gathering and by using the skype facility i had the most amazing experience. I live in Melbourne and time difference makes everything harder but lovely Magdaline was willing to answer my questions in a timely manner. She answered my queries thouroughly and gave me extra tips plus the dinner was delicious. I would definitely recommend the service i received to everyone i know!!! Way to go Magdaline xxx

  4. I had to prepare a full menu for a special Christmas gathering. So pineapple bacon was the leading plate of momzcuizine. No I consider Maggie as my cooking fairy every time I have

  5. I used the Skype cooking lesson facility with the lovely Magdaline of I learnt how to make the perfect moussaka so EASILY and most importantly in a way that is easy you to recall!! I’d give Five stars for the great five star service xxx thank you Magdaline thank you momzcuizine xxx

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