Cauliflower Greens with Smoked Balsamic Cream!

Cauliflower Greens with Smoked Balsamic Cream!







I'm on a balsamic craze lately,I don't only use my Balsamic Cream on my pan fried pork chops, I decided to use it on my cauliflower greens as well. After cleaning and cutting the cauliflower florets, which I made Au Gratin with. I boiled the Greens separately, of course, I added salt to taste. Allowed them to cool for a bit, then I drizzled them with smoked Balsamic Cream. If you love your veggies, then this recipe is just perfect. The balsamic cream gives it an elevated exquisite taste!  This is a no trouble recipe!

Separate your cauliflower greens from the florets, clean thoroughly. I place it in a colander and I allow water to run over it. Boil until greens are tender, set aside to cool,  drizzle with you smoked balsamic cream and it's ready to eat!



1-2 heads cauliflower heads

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