Spinach with Rice a.k.a Spanakorizo

  Print Spinach with Rice a.k.a Spanakorizo Spinach with Rice a.k.a Spanakorizo  As difficult as the name might sound it’s a super simple classical Greek dish filled with bursting flavors and nutrients. My kids who are picky eaters really love Spankorizo and not as a side dish but as their main course. Spinach is healthy,

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Cypriot Green Cracked Olives

  Print Cypriot cracked Green Olives  Cypriot Green Cracked Olives I first discovered them in Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite thus it’s also known as the “island of love”  Therefore, it was my choice as a honeymoon destination and if you have never considered it you should.  Their first – class hospitality combined with their

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