Cypriot Green Cracked Olives

Cypriot Green Cracked Olives



Cypriot cracked Green Olives

 Cypriot Green Cracked Olives I first discovered them in Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite thus it's also known as the "island of love"  Therefore, it was my choice as a honeymoon destination and if you have never considered it you should.  Their first - class hospitality combined with their generosity is what makes the Cypriots so loved. On my honeymoon, I acquired a new palatable experience. 

I tried various dishes such as sheftelia, houmous, tahini, halloumi, flaounes, kolokotes (brown stuffed pastries) and I could go on and on. My favorite recipe was the cracked green olives) Cypriot green cracked olives a.k.a as Elies Tsakistes. They're a Cypriot specialty and it was something I had never tasted before. These olives are harvested when they are green not when they are ripe so they must be green. We found this exquisite appetizer in almost all taverns and restaurants in Cyprus.

When it comes to eating, family and friends play a very important part and everything I cook must be approved by their delicate taste buds. If they don't approve it doesn't go on my blog. So, the Cypriot Green cracked olives have not only been approved but when we have a gathering they always ask: Will you have Elies Tsakistes? I guarantee you too will love them. KALE OREXI!! 

The ingredients can be bought here: 

vine leaves


Fresh Green Olives  (these olive are already in brine) 



Coriander seeds

Olive Oil 


Fresh Green Olives

Grape leaves in brines


Lemons - sliced circular

For the Brine

Water, salt & egg

For serving your Cyrpiot Cracked Olives

Squeeze one lemon ( this is to drizzel your olives)

1 garlic clove cryshed ( I cut it into small pieces and mix it in olives)

2 tablespoons crushed coriander seeds

8 tablespoons of Olive Oil


These olives are usually cracked outside on a smooth surface with a stone but we know this isn't convenient for everyone. There's always an alternative, I use a cutting board and small hamer.

Wash your olive and remove any leaves.

Take your first olive and hold it from the thicker part, then with your hammer hit it until it cracks don't smash jut hit.Becareful not to hit your finger.

When you have cracked all your olives place them in a jar fill teh jar with water make sure it covers the olives.

Change the water every 24 hrs. do this 4 times.

After the 4 times water change you are ready to make your brine. Take luke warm water ( make sure the water will cover the olives) add enough salt. To make sure the salt is enough, take an egg and stir it in the water if it floats the salt is enough.

You need 1/3 cup of salt to each 4 cups of water.

Pour the brine over the olives, place a small plate over the olives to keep them submerged. Then add your washed grape vine leaves on top then add your sliced lemons. To prevent air from penetrating add a layer of olive oil.

Place your container of olives in a dark cool place for at least 3 weeks. The olives are good to eat up to a year.

When they are ready to eat take as many as you need place them in a colander and rinse with running water, drain and remove any soft ones.

Allow them to drain

When they are ready place in a small containe add lemon juice, garlic, criander seeds, and olive oil mix everything together. Allow them to marinate for a few hours before serving. When I'm in a rush sometimes I allow them 2 -3 hours. If you have them teh next day they are superb!!

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